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The customer experience is the fulfillment of your brand promise, so it can't be left to chance.

It has to consistently reinforce the brand promise across every customer touchpoint or the value of the brand itself is at risk. we:CREATION presents our knowledge to building a brand and an optimized customer experience.


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Compiling the power of technology with creativity and innovation, we:CREATION has excelled in designing user-friendly and interactive multimedia solutions that fulfills your business requirements. WE offers cost effective solutions that are technically perfect and aesthetically charming. we:CREATION is founded on 2009 in Hong Kong.

Jordan Hui, founder of we:CREATION, once asked, "How shall we respond to the dreams of youth?" It is a dazzling and elegant question, a question that demands an answer—a range of answers, really, building your brand now."

Michael Pang, founder of we:CREATION, once said, "Dearest Nature, strong and kind, Whispered! Tomorrow they will wear another face, The founder thou; these are thy race!."

Marketing & Brand Building

The 1st steps in advertising or
promoting your business product
is to build Brand Awareness.
Promotional products,
giveaways and imprinted gifts
are some of the best ways.
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Build The Brand Online

Direct response marketers are obsessed with generating leads and making the sale. So much so in fact that they often discount the value of investing in online branding. Based on research, determine what your audience wants to hear and what message want to put forward. This will form the foundation for the brand's voice.
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Creative Design

To probably looking for a creative company – in which case you've come to the right place. But have you thought seriously about ccreative design? If not then you're definitely talking to the right people. For us, your branding strategy starts with design and creativity.
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Online Business

If you have an internet connection, you can get started on the road to having the internet pay for your shop wanted. Now, don't worry that you have to be a virtuarl shop to start a business online-- We're a complete solutions provider.
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Marketing may contribute to a brand, but the brand is bigger than any particular marketing effort. The brand is what remains after the marketing has swept through the room. It's what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organization—whether or not, at that particular moment, you bought or did not buy.

Is branding a cost center?

On the surface, yes, but the return is loyalty. The return is sales people whose jobs are easier and more effective, employees who stay longer and work harder, customers who become ambassadors and advocates for the organization.

Branding is strategic. Marketing is tactical.

Puts Your Brand Assets to Work by Branding Strategy

we:CREATION can help you define what your brand should stand for over time — and determine what it's going to take to get there. Our experts can work with you to drive brand relevance among stakeholders in complex ecosystems, gauge how your brand impacts customer behavior in a given category, manage and monitor its brand equity over time, identify opportunities to extend it into new markets and segments, establish the ideal roles and relationships among brands in a portfolio, and more


The Brand Online
Building your reputation online is similar to a networking breakfast, but it's not as easy and it takes more time.

For instance, be sure to leverage any existing offline partnerships you have in order to grow your reputation online. Doing so will not only help build links pointing back to your website, but it can also enhance your organic search presence. Overall, the more prevalent your brand becomes in the mind of your reputable peers.

the stronger your reputation will grow online.

What do you want your brand to say or do online?

Now, what types of interactions do you want your consumers to have with your business? Is Facebook right for you? Website? You may not have all of the answers at this point, but a little research should help you understand where your audience is and how to interact with them.

Did you balance your online media mix?

  • Have an open mind and consider all ideas
  • Be consistent in your messaging as people look for consistency in a brand.

Work to build the brand through multiple channels. Use display and content networks to build the brand through repetition, and get ads out in front of target audience using behavioral targeting, site specific targeting and re-messaging. From an organic search perspective, make sure that the brand name and messaging is consistent in title tags and in meta descriptions.


Creative Branding Works
Visual Identities or brands are the first contact people have with your company, it's like the image of your company how we see it at first sight, that's why a good visual identity is becoming very important.
Today the user experience is

what makes the difference and the best way to create this experience is through design.

In our mind, we will show you some elegant and creative brand works.

Creating such rich user experiences requires not only expertise in branding.

Did you know our services?

  • Full Website Customization
  • Mobile Apps
  • Events & PR
  • Brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Business stationery packages
  • Photography & Video
  • Events & PR
  • Print
  • and MORE...

How to Build

Online Businesses
Either before or during the process of setting up your online business, you will need a domain name. Because most of the "good ones" are already taken, you will probably need to be creative in giving your online presence a catch name. For example, "MyWebsite" is long since off the table. However, you can add to the basic site name with dashes, unique identifiers, or even calls-to-action

Be social

Whatever your business, whatever your venue, keeping your name in the the air is key to internet success. Have a business account on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your business is graphically oriented, have accounts on Flickr and Tumblr as well. Whenever there is news of any kind—a new contract, a new page, a new entry, a new photo—cross-post it to all your social media sites. Also make sure those sites link back to your main website, and that your website has links to all of them.

Improve Your Website

A screencast, or video of what's happening on your computer screen, is commonly used for video tutorials. But screencasts can also be used to create a tour of your website, present a slide show or demonstrate the features of any online product.

While a screenshot is a static image of a computer screen, screencasts essentially are short movies with narration that can show changes made to a site or page over time. They can be used to demonstrate how to use a new piece of software, to report problems with your site or to illustrate potential changes to your site through a redesign.

Online Business Solutionshas the background and extensive experience to link your business processes via web-based technologies into a new, profitable model for the Web Applications Age.
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Y we can help u?

From Heart

Fundamental tips and advice on how to treat our clients well and ensuring that we:CREATION are working on a professional level. The way our customers feel towards it is important. The more we show all care about them, the more they'll likely want to continue working with us.

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Business intelligence and performance management – Providing relevant, actionable information in time to enable better decision-making and improved business execution and performance.

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the Design

for Everyone
Today I am writing about a topic which is close to my heart: accessible design. In simplest terms, accessible design is making sure your web content is available and understandable to all audiences, including people with visual or other disabilities.

When we make it easier to use and more pleasant to look at

These visual tweaks will help your site go directly to your visitors' hearts, because it will be easier to navigate, and full of imagery and color that's warm, inviting and makes a connection.

Your site might not be exactly where you'd like it to be right now. But you can create that "wow" factor by we:CREATION

Allow us.. introduce to you a new era in visual solutions. We are more than just a graphics design firm. We're innovators, commited to ....

hmm... CALL ME NOW!


The Brain: Marketing To Your Mind
If you think it's just your taste buds that guide these preferences, you may be surprised by what neuroscientists are discovering when they peer inside the brain as it makes everyday choices like these.

Unlocking Your Brain

  • Why even the highest priced or lowest quality products sometimes outsell their competitors'?
  • Why and how your prospects buy the products or services they do, even if their choices seem irrational or impractical?
  • Why some brands have a devoted cult-like following while others have 0 loyalty?


In traditional marketing, we are told ... "follow the proven formula of compelling headlines, benefits, satisfaction guarantee and a call to action, and your sales will skyrocket." Yet, even top marketers can attest that successful campaigns are a "hit or miss" proposition to find those that generate big sales.
You need: To fill the top of the funnel. Nurture existing prospects. Pick a marketing automation vendor, install it, integrate it with CRM, and run it day-to-day. Develop a scoring model. Define the hand-off to sales.
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Jordan Hui

How shall we respond to the dreams of youth?" It is a dazzling and elegant question, a question that demands an answer—a range of answers, really, building your brand now.

Michael Pang

Dearest Nature, strong and kind, Whispered! Tomorrow they will wear another face, The founder thou; these are thy race!

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we:CREATION brings concept and idea to a social platform. Share your data through the we:CREATION network or other social media. Now, you can keep your family in the know or compare measurements with your friends.

With the we:CREATION network, you can add friends and post comments on their scores. There is even a global comparisons feature, where you can see how you fare amongst the best and the new idea in the world. Prefer to keep your data private? Use we:CREATION privacy settings to keep everything private and confidential.

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